Consistent Training Leads to Great Improvements

I am giving myself every opportunity to run as fast and far as I can on a daily basis.  I’m doing exactly what someone who comes to me for coaching can and should do.  The day to day running is monotonous and calculated.  I do enough to get better, but not so much that I get run down and injured.  It’s refreshing to finish a run and not feel like death.  Instead, I feel like I can do more.  And then, the next day, I do a bit more.  If I can stick to this plan, so can you.  How am I doing it and how can you?  Let me break it down for you.

4 areas where you can improve your running
4 areas where you can improve your running


  • On my easy days, my running pace is always “easy” to “moderate”
  • I do striders the day before workouts or long runs to help me feel zippy
  • I have a flexible day off that I can use any day of the week when I feel run down
  • I use a GPS for tracking distance only. I am not concerned with pace.
  • I switch between two pairs of shoes. 1 pair one week, the other pair the next.


  • Even with the holidays, I’m still eating a healthy and balanced diet (even if I have cake or dessert).
  • I drink lots of water throughout the day.
  • I’ve switched from soda to organic tea for my caffeine fixes.


Massaging on a foam roller
Massaging on a foam roller

I try and do a bit of strength every day, so I’m not wiped out for my next run.  These are samples of what I might do every week.  They rotate based on what type of running I’m doing and how much time I have to get them done.

Sleep & Extras

Sleeping Patterns for Marc
Sleeping Patterns for Marc
  • I’m definitely focusing on my sleep. When I get 7:30-8 hours, I feel great.  Anything less and I drag and easily get run down.
  • I try and stay as balanced as possible – not too high, not too low.
  • I listen to my body really well now.  I plan much better, so I don’t put myself in situations I know I can’t be successful at*.  
  • Take an Epsom salt bath after hard days.
  • Schedule deep tissue massages every 5-8 weeks.

*This is different than not trying.  I try at lots of things and fail at lots of things.  What I mean is that instead of setting myself up for failure, I set myself up to succeed.

Everything I do may not work for you.  This is, however, a great blueprint to follow if you’re looking to maintain fitness, strength and are motivated and disciplined enough to follow through.  At some point, everyone falls off the horse.  So what!?  Scale your training back a week, slow down the pace, and pick up where you left on.  You’ll be good as gold.

What measures do you take to be a successful runner?  Do you do any of the things I mention above?

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6 thoughts on “Consistent Training Leads to Great Improvements

  1. I like to watch a 5-10 minute running/motivation/healthy/etc related Youtube video each day and do some general strength & mobility while watching it 🙂


  2. That sounds like music to my ears. I love a bit of motivation every day… What’s been your favorite clip that you’ve seen lately? Share it with me!


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