Half Marathon Taper Strategies

You’re 2-3 weeks out from your peak race. What do you do?

I’ll tell you the first thing you should do: stay patient. Don’t panic just because you’re winding down and getting ready for your best race performance yet.

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Half Marathon Taper Strategies

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Here are three things you can and should do when you start your taper.

1. Mileage: Bring your mileage down slowly. Don’t drastically cut out miles or the days you run. Depending on your highest weekly mileage will depend on how much you cut back.  On the reverse end, don’t try and cram miles in because you missed a few days a month ago.  What’s done is done.

2. Nutrition: Eat less, but eat healthy. You’re running less, so you’re burning less calories. Don’t starve yourself but know you don’t need the same calories you needed when in heavy miles. Eat healthy, eat often, and eat and filling meals.

3. Sleep: get lots of it. Now is the time to rest up and restore your glycogen stores and rest your body.  There’s no sense going to that party, getting run down and coming down with a cold, is there?  A cold right before your big race can pretty much assure you that you won’t run at 100%.

There are lots of ways to properly taper for a race, and there’s some really good myths about tapering.  Make sure you use sound judgement and when in doubt, back off with the training.  Best of luck in your quest for a PR!


Contact Coach Marc for your plan and the perfect way to taper for any race.


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