Finding Motivation to Run

Do you ever struggle to get out the door like I do sometimes?  I’m pretty sure everyone at some point finds it tempting to just say “I’ll workout tomorrow”…but if we keep saying it, it could become a pattern and then a routine.  Before you know it, you haven’t run in 2 weeks.

Here’s some tips I’ve found that work for me when I’m lacking the desire to get out and run:

  1. Run with friends.  Nothing says accountability like friends.  Make a date and do whatever you can to join them.
  2. Sign up for a race.  Circle the race date on your calendar.  Make it a goal to work out 20 minutes a day.  Once you’re in a groove, it’ll get easier to get out the door.
  3. Hire a coach.  Motivation.  Accountability.  Expertise.  Make running an important part of your life and get the knowledge you deserve from someone who knows what they are talking about.
  4. Plan a time to run in your daily calendar.  Make it a priority and schedule it into your day.



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