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TrainwithMarc offers personalized training plans to help you achieve your running goals. Our experienced coaches, Marc and Carly, have been running for years and can help you improve all aspects of your running.

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Who will benefit from a training plan from TrainwithMarc? Anyone who is serious about getting more than just a day-to-day plan. You’ll learn from an experienced set of coaches who will help you improve all areas of your running.

Our Coaches

Marc and Carly have been running since high school and have logged thousands and thousands of miles. They have the experience to help you reach your running goals.

Why choose TrainwithMarc? Our coaches have years of experience working with beginner runners as well as runners who are trying to run in the Boston Marathon. Whatever your experience level, our coaches have experience catering to your needs.

However long you decide to work with TrainwithMarc, you’ll receive the utmost care and attention to detail no matter how long you stay with us. Most runners use us for more than 1 training cycle (more than 4 months).

$135 per month and includes:

  • Customized training log
  • Weekly training updates
  • Strength training routines to follow
  • Weekly contact with your coach
  • Training and racing advice
  • Injury prevention strategies
  • Pre-season goal planning
  • Race day prep
  • Training or racing shirt + coozie

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Founded in 2010 by Marc Pelerin, TrainwithMarc, is a online and in-person running coach based in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Do you have questions about our coaching staff or what we offer?

Location Cherry Hill, NJ E-mail Hours Weekdays: 3-10 pm; Weekends: 7 am-10 pm
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