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Step by step guide to warming up for a race

The Step by Step Guide to Warming Up for a 5k

A warm up jog – 10 to 50 minutes – of course depending on who you are, your mileage, and your running goals will boost your ability to run fast! Because at the end of the day, that’s what we are here to do!

2016 Adrenaline 5k

The first big weekend of the racing season just passed – and much of the South Jersey runners were in Haddonfield for the 2016 Adrenaline 5k.   Samantha lined up with over 900 other runners to compete on the quick 5k course that winds through downtown Haddonfield.  This race, every year, seems to be the … Continue reading 2016 Adrenaline 5k

Racing to a 5k PR

How to run a fast 5k Who can count the number of ways to run a fast 5k?  There are so many factors that go into running a fast 5k.  Consider just a few of these staples in running:  eating healthy embracing being a “runner” doing the right type of workouts getting enough sleep hiring … Continue reading Racing to a 5k PR

3 ways to make a 5k easier

We never, ever, ever want a 5k to be harder than it has to be – they’re hard enough to figure out as it is.  There’s always something we can work on during a 5k – whether it’s pacing, competing with the people around us, or timing our kick.  Heck, even the pros come away from … Continue reading 3 ways to make a 5k easier

Adrenaline 5k

It was a very good weekend for TrainWithMarc athletes, as we had a number of us racing across the eastern sea board.  Most of them, however, were right in our backyard. We signed up for a “team”, but it was for a corporate team, so while we won, we technically didn’t win.  Whatever.  We ran … Continue reading Adrenaline 5k

5k PR to-do list

Patty lined up for a 5k a few weeks after her goal half marathon in an attempt for a 5k PR.  The elusive PR didn’t come, but we did learn a few things about how to prepare for a 5k PR run. 1.  Warm up properly.  Patty tweeted and said she got the race in … Continue reading 5k PR to-do list


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