Advanced Workouts with Garmin Watch

How to Create Advanced Workouts for your Garmin

If you’re like me, you put workouts into your Garmin – I have the Garmin 235 – and out the door, I’m ready for my workout.  Using the Garmin to schedule workouts like 10 x 400 meters with 1-minute rest is EASY to do.  But if you wanted to do 2 sets of 5 x400 with 1-minute rest after each and 4 minutes after the set… Now that becomes difficult for your on-watch functions to do.  

Don’t worry though.  There’s a great way for you to schedule whatever your workout is – and then, head out the door to do it!

Use Garmin Connect to create workouts
Program a run with Garmin Connect

Simple Workout

Get your watch to the appropriate screen and dial in your simple workout:

  • A tempo run – a run with only 1 extended period that you want to track)
  • Repeats – a fixed amount of repetitions, distance, and recovery

And off you go.  No questions asked – the workout will be there with a warm up and cool down built in if you so choose.  It’s simple and quite effective.

Advanced Workout

Head to Garmin Connect and look for “Workouts”.  Once there, name your new run and you’re heading straight for the part where you build your advanced workout.

  1. Include a warm-up. I like hitting the lap button when my warm-up is over. This allows wiggle room in case I get to my workout location before or after my intended warm-up distance.
  2. Create your workout.  This is where you can get creative.  For brevity, I did not include rests but would have if I was creating the workout in this mode.  I created workouts such as:
    • 6 x 1k
    • 2k @ T, 2 x 1k @ 5k pace, 5 x 200 @ mile pace
    • 10 minutes at tempo, 2 x 400, 10 minutes at tempo

If you are doing repeats – like my 6 x 1k above, click on the “add a repeat” button and tell it how many you want to do.  Voila!

Create running workouts on Garmin Connect
Creating a workout using Garmin Connect

If you are doing something where you’re changing paces (2k @ T, 2 x 1k @ 5k pace, 5 x 200 @ mile pace), create each step individually.  It’s that simple.

  1. Include your cool down. Again, I like hitting the lap button so I can cut short, add on, or end when I want to, not when the watch wants me to.
  2. Save the workout and send it to your device.
  3. Out the door for a run!

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Dr. Jack Daniels VDOT & USATF Certified Running Coach

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