Frequently Asked Questions

TrainwithMarc’s Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your coaching experience?

I have been a high school cross country and track coach since 2008.  In that time I’ve worked with some of the best coaches in NJ.  

I started TrainwithMarc in late December 2010 and have coached hundreds of runners in that time period.  These runners have raced distances ranging from 800 meters on the track to ultra-marathons.  I have coached runners with zero running experience and I’ve had runners who’ve been running for 20+ years.

Cherry Hill Pop Up Mile Start
The start of the Cherry Hill Pop Up Mile

I’ve been running competitively since 1999 – at some of the highest levels possible.  And with that, I’ve also been injured for most of those years.  So I’m aware of what it takes to be successful, and I also know the pitfalls of being injured and trying to get healthy.

What are your prices?

What’s the length of a payment?  

Depending on your training plan, programs run for three, four or five month increments.

What payment methods are accepted?

TrainwithMarc uses PayPal, Venmo, cash or check but in certain situations, other methods can be used.

To use PayPal, go to, create a login, go to send money, type in, type in the amount due, and hit “personal”.

What’s your coaching philosophy?

My philosophy stems from the coaches I’ve worked with (as an athlete and a coach).  I’ve taken bits and pieces from them, from my own research, and from my own running and blended them all together.  

I am part Jack Daniels, part perceived effort.  I use Daniels as a guide, but know that there are many circumstances and situations where times and efforts are not that steadfast time I prescribe. 

It’s my thinking that all runners are different and need individualized training.  Similarly, what works for one runner may not work for another, so finding what makes one runner successful may not work for another.

I pride myself on creating very flexible schedules that work for my athletes.  It’s important to me that my runners stay healthy and happy.

Training Plans for Runners
Training Plans for Runners

Will my training plan be like anyone else’s?

No.  You’re a unique individual and I strongly believe that all runners need to be trained differently.  I will provide an individualized training plan for whatever race(s) you are training for.  I take into account your life/work schedule and build a plan that is challenging, yet very achievable.

A guide to why you should hire a running coach for your next race
The perks of having and using an online running coach

How do we communicate?

The most effective way is through email, however social media works fine if you just need a quick answer or some motivation.  You’ll also be given open access to me with any questions, concerns, modifications or issues you have.  I am capable of adapting your plan on the fly – so if something unexpected comes up, I’m able to move your days around so that you never miss a beat.

What if I have to miss some runs because of work or life? 

That happens!  That’s one of the best reasons why you hired TrainwithMarc as your running coach.  He’s capable of seeing the big picture and moving runs around to get you back into your regular routine.

Personal Running Located in Cherry Hill
Cherry Hill Based Personal Running Coach

How far does a plan typically go?

A plan will go for as long as you’d like.  I have runners who stay on all year long or some that only work with me for a marathon cycle.

How often do I review and change a training plan?

I update training plans 2-3 weeks at a time.  If something needs changing/modifying in between that time frame, I update more often.

Finding the Right Running Coach For You

How often do we communicate?

As often as needed.  You can reach out to me via email, social media, Voxer, or through your training log.

Where do I write my training at?

We both have access to your training log.  It’s comprehensive without being overwhelming.  I write what your training is in one section, and you write what you did in another.  The Google-based training log tracks all of the vital information that runners are looking for.

Do I need a Google account? 

Yes. However, you don’t need a Google email, just a Google account.

Training plan designed for your individual needs
Coach creates a custom training plan based on your needs

Do you include strength training in your running plans?

Yes.  I have sample routines you can follow, or if you feel inclined, you can do your own routine.  I don’t ask that you buy any more weights. I actually think it’s better that you use whatever resources you have available to you. Free weights are fine.

Are you ready for a training plan? Fill out the quick form below and TrainwithMarc will respond to you right away!

Searching for a running coach? TrainwithMarc has flexible schedules, dynamic plans, and access to a coach who’s worked with every type of runner.

TrainwithMarc will design a training plan based on your needs, running history, and your goals.

Gear I Love

Garmin is my go-to brand of running watches

My Favorite RUNNING gear from Amazon ⬇️
Feetures socks:
Tifosi Sunglasses:
Garmin 235:
Garmin heart rate monitor:

Coach Marc does strides after easy runs to prime his legs

Current Running Shoes ⬇️
Brooks Levitate:
Brooks Revel:
Nike Pegasus:

Marc uses a massage gun to loosen up his legs

Running Recovery Gear I use daily from Amazon ⬇️
Sonic X Percussion Massage Gun:
Foam Roller:
CEP Compression socks:

Marc running a popup 5k in Haddonfield

TrainwithMarc’s Social Media links ⬇️
Instagram: @TrainwithMarc_LLC
Twitter: @marcpelerin
Facebook: @TrainWithMarc
TikTok: @Run_Coach_Marc
Venmo: @marcpelerin

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