Ankle Strength and Flexibility

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Carly working on her form for Boston.

Looking for more notes on ankle strength and flexibility?  Follow along on this post with the previous post containing the video.  You can find it here or the video here.

Exercise:  Heel walks
Distance:  20 meters.
How to:  Flex shin muscle, stay on heels
Goal:  Prevents shin splints; strengthens ankle tendons and ligaments

Exercise:  Toe (balls of your feet) walks
Distance:  20 meters
How to:  Stay on balls of your feet, flex calves
Goal:  Prevent shin splints; mimics running form

Exercise:  Ankle out
Distance:  20 meters
How to:  Mimic a controlled motion of rolling out over your ankle
Goal: Prevents sprains and strengthens ligaments and tendons

Exercise:  Ankle in
Distance:  20 meters
How to:  Mimic a controlled motion of rolling your ankle inward
Goal: Strengthen ligaments and tendons

Exercise:  Jump Rope
Rep:  30 seconds
How to:  Double Leg; Single Leg
Goal: Work on firing from your calves.  Work on being on the ground for as little time as possible.
Exercise:  Heel Raises
Rep:  5-10 (toes point in, straight ahead & pointed out)
How to:  Hang heels off ledge, explode up, come down slowly.
Goal: Strengthens calf and soleus muscles.
Exercise:  Theraband Exercises
Reps of 10 (Inside, outside, towards & away; both feet)
How to:  Get band and wrap around ball of foot.  With foot flexed, rotate foot to the point of tension.
Goal:  Strengthen muscles in ankle and foot.

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