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Marc running a popup 5k in Haddonfield
Marc races a cross country 5k

TrainwithMarc has one goal: to make you a better runner. These resources and tools will help push the needle to get you that 1% better.

Stay the course, and you’ll continue to see improvements.

Yours in Running,

Marc Pelerin

Coach Marc has a wealth of knowledge waiting to be shared with you! Below you’ll find my latest blog posts, my social feeds, and so much more.

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Race Pace Calculator

Find your race pace based on your predicted time and race distance or find your finishing race time based on your predicted pace and race distance.

Send me an email and I will send you a copy of my race pace calculator.

Strength Training Routines

All runners benefit from strength training. Use these free strength training routines and resistance training plans to build stamina, strengthen your body, and reduce the risk of injury.

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Training Logs for Sale

Digital Training Log

Use this calendar all year to track your training. You can log your mileage, cross training information, record the type of run you do, and track your races! After payment, I will email you a link to your new log, so please leave your email address!


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