Tricking Your Brain (To Get Running)

Not every day will be the best day for a run.  There will always be something that says, “Don’t go! Stay inside where it’s warm.”  For me, it’s typically Mondays.

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Trick Your Brain & Your Body Will Follow

I have my longest run of the week on Sunday which makes the first day of the week that much more challenging.  I’m sore, I’m tired, I’m usually pretty cranky… The last thing I want to do is get out in the cold and put in some miles.  

And yet, every Monday, I still get my run in.  How do I do it?  I have a few suggestions to make that might help you in a situation that’s similar to mine.

Tweet: Getting out the door is often the hardest part of a run. Here’s how @marcpelerin gets his body to follow his brain.

Tricking My Brain

Getting out the door is often the hardest part of a run.  There’s little debate about that.  I play jedi-mind tricks which helps me trick my brain.  When my brain is fooled, my body follows along helplessly.  It’s scary how good I am at “faking it till I make it”, especially when running is tough (at the end of a race) or when I’m not feeling like running. 


Here’s a few things I do to get me going. Hopefully at least 1 of them will work for you.

  • Listen to music or a podcast. 

    Winning a 5k helps keep me motivated in the winter
    Winning a 5k helps keep me motivated in the winter
  • Run an errand (like to the bank).
  • Make a list before I go and then analyze what needs getting done.
  • Tell myself I’ll just get around the corner.
  • Use a GPS to run slow.
  • Use a GPS so I have to track my mileage.
  • Don’t use a watch at all.
  • Reward myself with a dessert or something I’ve been craving.
  • Run with a friend.
  • Run an out and back – and go at least 2 miles away.

I certainly have those days (like Monday), where I just do not want to go for a run.  I find anything and everything to do instead of lace up for a run.  It’s bad!  But it happens.  


What on my list is the best way for you to get out and run?  

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