Sore Muscles After Hard Workouts

Recover from Hard Running

It’s time to recover from that hard run you just did! Whether you’re recovering from a long run or a hard workout, you’ll want to implement the best strategies to get you back out the door for your next hard day!  The goal, as always, is to minimize the DOMS – delayed onset of muscle soreness – that you’re likely going to feel.

Below are some superb ways we can help our sore muscles and get some much-needed relief so we can get back out there and do it all over again!  You’d be surprised at how much benefit you can derive from implementing the strategies and tools I have below. In the comments, and on social, tell me what you do to recover and also what tips you’re going to implement now that you read this. Enjoy! recover from a really hard workout or race Continue reading

Shin Splints

Dealing with Shin Splints

Oh no! Shin splints again? What to do, what to do? Don’t let the term shin splints scare you into not running. Yes, they hurt and they can lead to worse issues with your shins [stress fractures, but only if you don’t treat the shin pains], but you can totally run with sore shins without making them worse. Continue reading

Break in Running Shoes

Breaking in New Running Shoes

Shoe brands do a great job of providing running shoes that are good to wear right out of the box. We had this old misperception that running shoes needed days to be “broken in” before we could go for a run in them. Times have changed. Shoes are ready to go once you take them out of the box and put ‘em on your feet!


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Warming up for a race

Properly Warm Up for a Race

Standing at the start line of your next race: would you prefer to be cold and stiff or warm and loose? The majority of runners could run faster during a race if they were properly warmed up. In my experience, I can’t tell you how many runners I’ve seen that are totally unprepared for a race – not because they haven’t done the training, but because they aren’t doing any kind of warm up before their race. Continue reading

Winter Strength and Conditioning

Winter Strength & Conditioning

Running is my passion and where I focus a lot of my daily energy at.  I’m driven to help runners become stronger and smarter athletes. I was a high school coach for a number of years and I continue to work with adult runners, but I’m also turning my focus to the younger runners.

Winter Workouts for Middle School Runners


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Race Day Running Routine

Optimizing Your Racing Potential

Racing to your optimal performance level is complicated because there are so many factors that go into performing at a high level. A lot goes into running fast. It’s so much more than being physically prepared. I know a lot of runners who are in peak fitness shape and yet cannot perform to the level they’d hoped to have achieved. Why is that? Well, there are. Continue reading

IT Band Pain for Runners

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (IT Band): how to identify if you have it, fix it, and prevent it from returning

How to identify, fix and prevent IT Band pain

How to identify, fix and prevent IT Band pain

According to Runner’s World, ITB is “one of the most common overuse injuries among runners.”  Competitor Running says that the IT band is a “thick piece of connective tissue that runs parallel to the femur from the hip to the knee.” Continue reading

Determining Marathon Goal Time

Determining Marathon Goal Time

Marathon season is fast approaching. Spring races will be upon us before you know it. You’ve done a bit of easy running to stay in shape over the winter. And now you’ve signed up for a 26.2-mile race… What happens next?predict marathon pace (1)

If you’ve run a marathon before, you have some prior knowledge about what it takes to successfully complete the full distance. But if this is your first one, you might have little clue about what to expect. Continue reading