Personal Coaching

Training on your own can be tough. Work in-person with TrainwithMarc to improve the quality of your workout session

Showing off my 2020 fastest mile performance

A personal training session with TrainwithMarc will help you prepare for your next event with personalized sessions to get you closer to your athletic goals.

Our Coaches

Marc and Carly have years of coaching experience. We are here for your athletic needs!

Virtual Session

Done over Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime.

Pricing will vary depending on number and length of sessions.

In-Person Session

Must be willing to travel to or near Cherry Hill, NJ.

Workouts will be tailored to meet your athletic needs.

Workout/Race Pacing

A coach will pace you through your workout or race.

If your event is outside of Camden or Burlington County, please inquire about costs associated with travel.


Ask for pricing


$65 per session


$95 + travel costs


Founded in 2010 by Marc Pelerin, TrainwithMarc, is a online and in-person running coach based in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Do you have questions about our coaching staff or what we offer?

Location Cherry Hill, NJ E-mail Hours Weekdays: 3-10 pm; Weekends: 7 am-10 pm
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