Strength Training

Strength Training For Distance Runners

Strength training exercises for distance runners that you can do at home –  without access to a gym.

You’ll find videos, links, and pictures to help you determine what you need.  Share this page with your runner friends and do the workouts together!

Strength training for runners

Strength training routines for distance runners

Here’s my blog post dedicated to strength training and building base mileage.

Core Routine 

5 exercises, 30-45 seconds each


Side Plank – Core Exercise # 4

8 minute abs

16 exercises, for 30 seconds each

Strength training for distance runners

Resistance exercise routines for distance runners

Body Weight Strength Circuits

“UK Workout”

  • 6 minutes of arm exercises
  • 7 minutes of leg exercises
  • 4 minutes of plyometric exercises

“Shoe Workout”

  • 22 exercises, varying from timed to repetitions

Foam Rolling 

Rolling out your muscles keeps them loose and functioning smoothly

Massaging on a foam roller

Ankle Exercises

Push ups 


Mountain Climbers



Squat Jumps

Side Plank Rotation

Side Lateral Raises (Shoe exercise)

Front Lateral Raises (Shoe Exercise)


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