Reasons to Hire a Running Coach

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Let’s be honest: there’s a lot of free or cheap training plans on the internet.  They all claim they can get you from your couch to a 5k.  And there’s a good chance that you’ll finish that 5k.  But if you desire to do more than just finishing, consider hiring a running coach.

Reasons to Hire a Running Coach
Reasons to Hire a Running Coach

A running coach should be someone who has experience coaching runners like you.  Find someone who communicates in a way you communicate and who you can trust with your training.  As one of Marc’s runner describes, “I’m not a professional runner by any means but I do consider myself a fairly seasoned athlete.  That being said I knew when signing up for a full marathon I was getting into uncharted territory and had no idea what I was doing. So I hired a coach!”

Do your research different online running coaches.  Ask them questions – even the tough ones – and then make a decision you feel comfortable with.  Once you’ve done your due diligence, find some of their runners and ask them what they think of their coach.  You really want a coach who fits into your life, not the other way around.

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When to Hire a Running Coach

There’s more to racing than showing up at a start line and hitting a button on your watch.  Let Marc prepare you to not only run fast on race day, but help take away the guesswork that many runners face each and every day.  

If you can say you’ve said either of these statements, then it’s time to hire a coach!:

I looked up different running plans online, I researched marathons and talk to many people before hiring a coach. I DID MY HOMEWORK!”

“I knew I didn’t want to just ‘finish this marathon’ but run the best that I could and I needed someone to coach me to that point. I paid to run 26.2 miles so I wanted to get the most out of it as I could. And I knew it would be tough so having someone more experienced than I was reassuring and comforting”.


Why Hire TrainwithMarc as your Running Coach 

TrainwithMarc - Online Running Coach
TrainwithMarc – Online Running Coach

My athletes trust me to create a plan that allows them to race up to and beyond their potential because they believe in the training they do.  

Rob says, “Accountability and reliability. Since hiring a coach, I have taken 99% of the guesswork out of training. Check the plan, out the door, log the results and move on with my life. He keeps me accountable and I rely on his guidance. Best of both worlds.”

Carly shares that “I get to share my race day anxieties with him – he knows all the hard work I put in on a daily basis.  He keep me accountable when the cold weather comes!”

Marc is well-versed in the education of running.  He’s not only USATF Level 1 Certified, but he’s also a Jack Daniel’s 2015 VDOT coach.  He has plenty of expertise, advice and guidance to share with all my runners.  I can help you achieve your goals. Why?  Because I have the same running goals you do!

Another runner said, “Coach Marc doesn’t make me think about what workout I should do or what paces to run.  He figures that out for me.  So when I wake up early, all I have to do is go run.  He’s taken all the guesswork out of the equation for me.”

Still not convinced?  Check out these articles and stories about why to hire a running coach:

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If you are ready, contact Marc.

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