Boston Marathon Taper Time

This post was originally posted for Jackrabbit Sports, written by Coach Marc (3/26/14).

The venerable Boston Marathon is less than 1 month away.  That’s right, only a few more long runs, and then it’s straight into taper time!  Us Northeast runners have had to be creative to get our running done – whether that meant moving to a treadmill or worse, substitute a run for cross training to stay fit.  Regardless of how we trained, Boston’s 26.2 is approaching.  Below, I’ll outline what you can do to make sure you get everything out of all the hard work you put in.


Be Confident

Sure, the weather was awful this winter which didn’t help training and of course, things happen and got in the way.  But you got most of your miles in anyway, right?  You did what you could and that’s what matters.  Believe in the training you’ve done.  Focus on the great workouts you did and the long runs where you put in the time.  Draw strength from knowing you’re as fit as you could be for where you are in your training.  Envision yourself being strong, powerful, and poised as you move through the last 4 weeks of training.  And whatever you do, do not try and make up for lost training time!

Control What You Can

You can’t control the weather – duh!  If we could, it would have been a milder winter.  But you can control how the last month of training goes.  You can make sure you eat a balanced diet and avoid the “adult beverages” for 30 days (trust me, it’s worth it!).  Get lots of sleep and deal with stress from work and home now: don’t put it off!

There are also ways to study the course.  We studied in HS and college, right?  It’s no different for a marathon!  Know where mile markers are and where fuel is.  But don’t solely rely on them to nourish you; bring your own, just in case!  Visualize where the hills are, how you’ll battle them, and how you’ll feel once you’ve conquered them!


The Boston Marathon course is challenging, but it’s not a death-march.  Know you are prepared and take care of what you can.  More importantly, have fun!  Be proud to have the opportunity to run the streets of Hopkinton.  Feel the vibes of the Wellesley girls, thank the volunteers, and run smart all the way to Kenmore Square!

Best of luck!  We’re all cheering for you!

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