Never give up on running

It’s never too late to get back into running.  As a former teammate of mine, I know that Dan was a dedicated runner who put a lot of time and energy into the sport.  It’s not uncommon at all that the flame dims a bit while we figure out the rest of our life.  And while we’re doing figuring ourselves out, that flame stays lit, although not very bright.  Until the right time and the right situation comes about and then that flame burns bright.  That’s where Dan’s at right now.  That flame that once was red hot burns just as bright again.  And when it burns at its brightest, a lot of good things can happen.  Such as a 20 minute half marathon PR.  



Here’s Dan’s take on his half marathon from this weekend, the Atlantic City Half. 

Today went very well for me.  Leading up to the race I was concerned with my left hamstring.  I did my warm up and felt that it still wasn’t 100%, but was okay enough to race 13.1 miles.  At first, I thought the 4 hour (marathon)/ 2 hour (half marathon) pace group would be good for me to stay with, and then I’d try to push at the end to beat my 2 hour goal time.  However, just before the start I decided to be less cautious and jumped up with the 3:55/1:5ish group.   This worked out great.  

The pace felt easy and I was able to remain at conversation pace for much of the race.  There were a few hills early on that seemed like no trouble since I actually introduced some hill work into my training.  The only reason I didn’t push and break off was because of the hamstring, which just didn’t seem to want to agree with me.  Around the ten mile mark I decided to push ahead regardless of whether or not my leg was on board.   I felt strong finishing.

This race felt completely different than my first half back in May.  I actually felt like a runner that was prepared to race instead of just a guy trying to “finish.”

To put things in perspective, my final time for today was 01:54:31.  Back in May (before I started working with Marc and  TrainwithMarc), my final time was 2:17.  That’s a 22 minute PR.

Also, my last 5k of the AC half marathon was right around 26 minutes and my best 5k within the past 2 years was in July at around 25:45.  So not only did I PR in the half marathon, but I almost set PR’s in the 5k, 10k and 10 miles.

I am convinced that if I continue training, let my hamstring heal, and work on my diet (I still have about 20lbs to lose) that I can run under 1:45.   I’m pretty pumped after today.

We love that attitude Dan!  Keep up the great work.  Anything is possible when you believe!


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