5k Speed Workout

Run a faster 5k with this workout, done 4-6 weeks before your peak race.

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The workout is called “Interval 400s – Start a 400 Every…”  It gets this name because you run 400 meter reps in a given time.  Regardless of your 400 time, you must start another “400 every…”. This is how you can do this workout on your own:

Do a warm up (of your typical length), ranging from 1/2 mile to 3 miles.

1.  Find your current 5k pace (not your goal) for 400 meters.  Using a calculator like Pace Calculator should help.

2.  Figure out your workout volume. Anywhere from 5% – 8% of your weekly mileage should be the volume (or amount) of Interval Pace 400s.

3.  Your “start every” time should be just less than twice your 400 time.  For example, if your pace for a 400 is 1:45, your “start every” time should be roughly 3:20.  This means that every 3:20, you start a 400 regardless of your finish time.  If you hit 1:40, you get 1:40 recovery.  If you hit 1:50, you only get 1:30 recovery.  Get it?  So no matter what, you start a 400 every 3:20.

Do a cool down (of your typical length), ranging from 1/2 mile to 3 miles.

The goal of this workout is to build tolerance for running at your current 5k pace.  This is also called a VO2 max workout.  For more information about VO2 max workouts, visit this link.

Carly pressing the pace
Carly pressing the pace

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to tweet me @marcpelerin or email me at trainwithmarc@gmail.com.


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