4 Strategies to Prepare for Your Best Marathon

Want to avoid bonking in your marathon?  Sure.  None of us want that to happen – not even to our biggest rival.  Below, you’ll find a few tips to help get you to your marathon start line and all the way to 26.2.


via runnow.eu

Know what nutrition you’ll be taking during the race.  Practice using it during workouts and long runs. Don’t expect your flavor to be on the course even if they said it would be.  Bring your own or potentially use what they give you.

In the weeks leading up to your big race, start hydrating.  Don’t wait until 48 hours beforehand to start.  And of course, limit or restrict your beer and alcohol consumption.

Eat balanced and healthy.  Get caught up on your complex carbs! Know that if you hydrate correctly and eat appropriately that you’ll gain a pound or so. Don’t change diet to combat weight.  Everything stored will be used during race day.

Plan on fueling (hydrating and eating) throughout your race to combat “bonking”.  Consume both water and sports drink as well as your preferred gu/bar so that your calorie deficit does not become too great.

There are plenty of other tips – what are some that you would suggest?  Leave a comment or tweet them!


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