How to Race in the Rain

Running in the rain can make you feel really badass.  But it’s also a pain in the ass.  More planning, more thinking, more puddles and more wetness.  Here’s how to race in the rain and not have it be a total wash.


During the warmup:  Wear clothes that are comfortable to travel in and do a short run in.  I’d suggest a wicking jacket, compression pants, and a hat with a rim.  Keep the rain off your face and keep the layers light.  The goal is to get to the starting line comfortable and warmed up.  Don’t skip the warmup!

During the race:  Race in normal racing attire.  The short races shouldn’t be treated any differently, except for possibly a hat.  Gloves are nice if it’s a chilly rain, but otherwise, dress exactly the same.

During the cool down:  If you can tolerate it, cool down in most of your wet clothes.  There’s no point in changing as you’re already wet.  Do your best to keep moving; sitting around and waiting in wet clothes is a recipe for a quasi-plague feeling.

Post cool down:  Get out of all wet clothes.  Bring a towel, dry yourself off, and get a nice meal.  You deserve it!

What do you suggest a runner does to have an enjoyable rainy run?






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