How To Deal with Plantar Fasciitis

Coach Marc got an email from a desperate runner the other day asking what she should do about Plantar Fasciitis.  Here’s her scenario:

  • She has plantar fasciitis and is running a half marathon in a few days time.

    Plantar Pains!

  • She’s taken some time off to let it heal, but hasn’t found any real relief.
  • She wants to run; doesn’t want to skip the race – and really doesn’t want to drop out or walk either.
  • It’s sore after she rolls it, but not in the morning.
  • Her shoes are a bit “dead” (350 miles), but nothing too crazy.

Based on that info alone, here’s what I think her options are.  Readers, add your thoughts in the comment section.

1. Run with the pain, then take time off to let it heal and hope you don’t injure it more.
2.  Don’t run.  Let it heal fully.  Find another race.
3.  Run with the pain, know your time will suffer b/c of the time off. Potential to hurt foot more.
4.  Take solid time off now.  Let it heal, come back stronger.


As a coach, here’s what I believe she should do:
  • Be aware of what your mileage is on your shoes.  Plan ahead.  Be proactive instead of reactive.  TrainWithMarc has great training logs that track mileage, by the way.  2014 logs are almost finished.
  • Listen to your body for warning signs.  If something’s going to happen, your body will let you know.
  • Have someone create a training plan for you.  Take the guess work out of what you should do on a daily basis.
  • Continue to stretch, ice, and roll out the bottom of her foot.  Make sure she is warmed up properly before she runs and do not go barefoot!

What do you recommend she do?  What tips can you offer her?


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