LifePro Massage Gun Review

Disclosure:  I received this product as a gift, all opinions are my own.

I have a new favorite toy.  The Sonic X Personal Percussion Massage Gun is by far the best running recovery tool I’ve been fortunate to use.

LifePro Massage Review
My Review of the LifePro Massage Gun

This massage gun is light as heck and the battery lasts forever!  I use it at least 5 days a week to loosen up sore muscles before I run or to dig in deep after a run to help aid in my recovery.  The intense vibrations allow for faster recovery – the massage gun breaks up the scar tissue and helps speed up my recovery. 


My massage gun is really durable and light it’s blue and it reminds me of like a mixer where you would be baking it’s easy for me to dig into hard-to-reach spots in the long handle let me get into my lower back with ease. The button is really easy to push and it goes up to five speeds. The different heads are easy to remove and are used for different body parts. It’s also really durable and easy to handle.  I can bring it with me to a race and take care of any sore spots without batting an eye.  

I didn’t care about the color – I’m not picky and would have gotten it regardless of the color.  

LifePro Massage Tool
Reviewing the LifePro Massage Gun

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Since I’m not able to see a massage therapist weekly, this tool helps do all the hard work for me.  It has 5 speeds that allow for moderate to deep penetration. Having the ability to dig deep on sore muscles promotes flexibility and mobility that I desperately lack as an aging runner.  The battery lasts for weeks on end despite using it so often.  It charges quickly and it’s good to go again!

Not only is this particular massage gun super powerful, but it’s also extremely quiet.  I can use it without waking the baby.

LifePro Massage Gun Review Guide
Using the LifePro Massage Gun to help keep me healthy

Muscles to Target


I love digging into my calves. I have really bad calves and I use all 4 head types to dig into all parts of my calf.  Each head type gets a spot that the other cannot and combining them makes a complete massage.

IT Band

When I have sticky IT bands that massage gun gets in there and digs away all of the scar tissue that has accumulated. It’s really similar to sitting on a foam roller or a lacrosse ball but it has the flexibility to go really deep which I am very fond of. 


This is probably my second favorite because it’s really hard to massage glutes. I can use the “bullet” head and I can get really deep. It sounds cliché but honestly, this is the best thing that I’ve ever used to get deep into my glue and break up all of the scar tissue that has accumulated over the years. 


After watching some videos and reading some materials on what other people were using the massage going for I realized I could dig pretty deep into my plantar. It hurts a little bit more than all of the other areas but I’m able to break up all of the knots that have accumulated in my feet. 

Reviewing the LifePro Massage Gun
My review of the LifePro Massage Gun


These meeting muscles do really well with a massage gun. I’m able to use the massage gun in conjunction with the foam roller and get a very deep muscle recovery. I’m looser and I have way more range of motion in my hips because I’m able to loosen up my hamstrings and quads.


This has been a really amazing find and I’m really thankful that LifePro hooked me up with their latest product.  I have been really happy with how it’s kept me healthy. It’s super quiet and very powerful when I want it to be. The massage gun travels to events and races well and I can use it on every major muscle I have. Want your own Sonic X?

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7 thoughts on “LifePro Massage Gun Review

  1. I missed out on the offer to try it! This looks like something I would use for sure. great review


  2. I love my Sonic X! It really is the quietest of all the massage guns I’ve tried. I even use it on my stretch clients (another reason begin quiet is a great benefit).


  3. I have this and absolutely love it!


  4. Kim at Running on the Fly December 4, 2019 — 7:13 PM

    This might be my next “recovery” purchase. Sounds like it gets the job done without the expense or time of visiting a massage studio.


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