Form Analysis

Get faster. Stay healthier. Be more efficient.

Fixing your running form will help you to train at a higher level while reducing the risk of injury.

pro running form

Fix your form with TrainwithMarc

Email TrainwithMarc using the contact page and he’ll identify key areas of your running form that can be fixed.  If you want to be a better runner, this is a must do.


Gait Analysis

  • Have someone film you running.  You’ll need 3 videos – one of you running towards the camera, one running past the camera (side view) and one running away from the camera.

*Each of these videos should be run at mile race pace*

  • Upload to Google Drive and share the folder with TrainwithMarc.

What TrainwithMarc will do

  • Assess where modifications can be made to improve your form.
  • Provide picture feedback of strengths and flaws in current running form.
  • Suggestion of exercises to perform to optimize your running efficiency.

HS running form

Improve your running form with TrainwithMarc


Comparing Running Form

Comparing Running Form (4)

Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

steve gait


3 thoughts on “Form Analysis

  1. Eleanor Beason says:

    Where are you located? I do not have video equipment or computer. Just phone. I am very interested in gait analysis. Also what do you charge?


  2. Marc Pelerin says:

    I’m in Cherry Hill and charge $65 for a full, comprehensive write up (with photos and corrections) on how to improve your form. If you are interested, email me and we can set up a time to film.


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