Fix your Form – Sunday’s Tip

Working on your running form and running posture is one of the best ways to improve your running. There are many ways to achieve this, however, it’s really important that you do not try and change everything at once. Focus on improving one aspect of your form until you master it and then move on to the next.

I will outline two easy fixes that you can do to improve your running form:

1. “Elbows in” – when your elbows are tucked in by your side, your body moves in a more fluid and natural motion. The idea is that your arms move as pistons similar to that of the car’s engine. With that perfect front to back motion you are eliminating the side to side motion that causes wasted energy.











2. “Head up” – Ideally, you want your gaze to be about 20 meters head of you. If you’re running behind someone, the ideal head position is to look between their shoulder blades. This allows your head and neck to be in perfect alignment with the rest of your body. Alternatively, if your chin start heading toward your chest, gravity will play against you.

Remember, only try and work on one of these at a time. Spend a week focusing on your head position while running. Every 400 meters or two minutes do a self check and see where your head is positioned. Is it where it supposed to be? Next week, focus on your elbows. Are they tucked in or are they out like chicken wings? At first it will feel very awkward to have them close to your body, and that will most likely be because you are trying something new.

Which do you think is easier to fix – your elbows or your head?

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3 thoughts on “Fix your Form – Sunday’s Tip

  1. I think you should title things with numbers in it….”Two ways to fix your running from now”

    Carly Pelerin Creator, The Athlete’s Palate


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