Calf Injuries

“Focus on what you can control.”

If I had a dollar for every day I was sidelined with a calf injury, I’d have enough money to buy a nice bike and start a triathlon career.  It’s really been the theme of my running career, ever since I started competing as a freshman in high school.  

This time, it stems from the one indoor track race I ran – a mile, which I won in 4:33, in February.  I wrote about it here and here.  

As I put on trainers for a bit more speed work, I felt a cramp in my left calf.  Of course, with my history, I stop the workout immediately.  Blah.  At this point, I’m pretty annoyed that I cut my workout short and not really worried because I didn’t get a great warm up in.  Worst case scenario, I have to take a few days off.

Two months later, and I’m still not running.  At all.  I can pinpoint where the pain originates (right below my calf, where the soleus meets the calf), how to produce the pain (run), and that most other exercises don’t bother it.  No matter what drills, stretching and strength exercises I do – and how much I rest I give it – I still can’t fix the pain.


Blood Restriction Therapy
Blood Restriction Therapy

Here’s what I’ve done to try and heal the calf pain I’m experiencing:

  • Active release therapy & Graston work with Dr. Kemenosh and team x 2
  • Blood restriction therapy & muscle manipulation with Dr. McCann
  • Complete rest (no running)
  • Strength training (core exercises), calf exercises
  • Yoga at Anjali


Dealing with injuries
Dealing with injuries

And here’s what I plan on doing to stay “normal”:

  • Eating healthy – I’ve cut out desserts, soda and for the most part, adult beverages
  • Keeping up with my yoga
  • Staying busy with baby planning, coaching, & teaching
  • Doing strength training before I teach so I can enjoy my post-coaching afternoons.

It’s pretty ironic that a running coach can’t stay healthy, but it’s not for a lack of trying.  I’m being patient with this injury, as it’s certainly not my first, and I’m enjoying my time building my strength.

I’ve written plenty about injury prevention, so have a read:

  1. Avoiding long term injuries
  2. Overcoming an injury and still setting a marathon PR for Scott
  3. There’s more to life than just running. Or is there?

What injuries do you keep getting?  What do you do to keep busy when you’re injured?


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