Last 90 Days

#Last90 Days of the Year

Are you still aiming toward your New Year goals?

90 days until the New Year. Have you been aiming toward the goals you set this year? Maybe it’s time to dust off your goal sheet – or however you wrote them down – you did write them down, right?

Goals and progress toward my last 90 days of the year
Last 90 days of the year

Let’s refocus your energy on the tasks, jobs, and skills you set out to adopt and then adapt into your life when the calendar clicked over to the new year.

For me, I benefit from a quick reminder to “check in” and see how I was progressing toward the goals I set out for myself. I keep my goal sheet in Evernote and every month or so I look at them to see if I’m still on track.

Yearly goals can still be achieved!
Yearly goals can still be achieved!

I’ll outline the major categories I have for my goals and how I’m doing toward reaching them.

Health & Fitness


Keep a streak going of at least 10,000 steps every day


As of October 1st, I’ve been over 10,000 steps for 505 consecutive days.  I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment and despite not being able to run every day, I’ve made it a mission to get over 10k steps.

Last 90 days of the year - make the most of it!
Make the most of the last 90 days


Break 5 minutes in the mile – something I’ve done every year since 1999, except for 2013 & 2017.


Not yet. I’m hopeful that I’ll be healthy (calf strain) to not only get in shape to attempt sub-5 but also to run the Philly Half Marathon in November. I continue to have lofty running goals, so my health (and sanity) depend on having two functioning calf muscles. So far, I’ve continued to see therapists/doctors to get treatment: ART, Graston, cupping, massage and I’ve seen small snippets of progress.

I wrote about breaking 5 minutes in the mile earlier this summer. You can read about my quest here.



Grow my track camp and expand my reach at the middle school level


We had new runners come to camp from a wider range of schools. We gained a Facebook page and have continued to post regularly to keep parents and campers in mind. I’ve also created “race recap” videos to help promote our school team and share them with the camp parents.

I wrote about the perks of coming to a camp here.


Grow TrainwithMarc


This year has been a very productive year for TrainwithMarc. In terms of measurables: my website’s page views are way up (thanks to blogging regularly), the number of runners coached is also up (thanks to personal training and a greater reach), and the total income generated has risen year after year.

I’ve made it a goal (that I’ve so far kept) to post a new blog article every Wednesday and so far I’ve been 100% since I started blogging regularly in the middle of April. I have to owe it to Rachel, Debbie, and Lora for including me in their link up. They have been instrumental in keeping me accountable for posting every week but also for share each other’s content.

Professional Development

90 days left to reach your yearly goals!
90 days left to reach your yearly goals!


Get certified in something else


Originally, I had planned on getting an RRCA certification (I already have USATF and Jack Daniels), but now I’m torn between RRCA and a personal training certification. Since personal sessions are becoming a bigger portion of what TrainwithMarc does, I thought that would be the next logical step.

What do you all recommend? Should I go for RRCA, personal training certification, both or neither?


I’m sharing only a few of my goals; I have others that aren’t fitness or health-related. What about you? Have you thought about your goals since January? Have they been in your focus or are they long out of your memory?

Yearly goals can still be achieved!
Yearly goals can still be achieved!

It might be October already, but there is still plenty of time left. You still have 90 days until the new year so there is still plenty of sunrises left for you to get cracking on your goals!


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Dr. Jack Daniels VDOT & USATF Certified Running Coach
Dr. Jack Daniels VDOT & USATF Certified Running Coach

I am a USATF Track and Field & Dr. Jack Daniels VDOT O2 certified running coach. I have more than 19 years of experience running and more than 10 years of experience coaching runners. Click for more information!

8 thoughts on “Last 90 Days

  1. deborahbrooks14 October 3, 2018 — 8:51 AM

    Great idea to do a goal check in this time of the year. Sounds like you are right on track with most of yours


  2. Debbie Woodruff October 3, 2018 — 8:53 AM

    I really need to take a moment to review my goals. It’s easy to get into the year and totally lose track of where you wanted to go. At least for me!

    I think getting both a personal training and RRCA certification is the way to go. RRCA is respected by others in the running world. I also have (or had, I’ve let it expire) a USATF certification when I was coaching high school, and that was great. RRCA is more focused on coaching adult runners of all levels. I also have a Revolution Running certification through Jason Karp, which I thought was very good.

    And personal training certifications open you up for a lot more than running, plus will help you offer more services for running clients. That’s why I think you should get both.


  3. Man, this year has felt like it’s gone by fast but I didn’t realize that there are only 90 days until 2019! I love the idea of checking in with goals and I’m impressed that you’ve hit your steps for the last 500+ days. 2018 was a challenging year BUT I accomplished a lot an am looking forward to the new year!


  4. Sometimes I wonder though 🙂
    Always something to do!


  5. Yay! It certainly has been a challenging year. Here’s to having a great last 90 days.


  6. Great. Thanks for your insight. I’ll be looking into them both 🙂


  7. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets October 3, 2018 — 12:22 PM

    Congrats on doing so well with your goals! I can’t believe there are only 90 days left in the year – crazy! I am big on tracking and reviewing my goals…it’s just so helpful and it’s motivating to see the progress. Congrats on the blogging and coaching success!


  8. Wow, just 90 days until the end of the year. I really can’t believe it!
    I make monthly and yearly goals for myself, but this is a great time for me to check in on my yearly goals – thanks!


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