6 Reasons to Send Your Child to Running Camp

Don’t let the summer be a time where your young athlete sits at home bored!  According to Oxford Learning, “physical activity can lead to an increased concentration and improved math and test scores”.  Not only will a running camp help burn off excess energy, it can also prevent the dreaded summer slide.  

6 reasons to send your child to running camp
6 reasons to send your child to running camp

Summer camps, like Cinnaminson Track & Field Academy have these great benefits:

  1. We model healthy and active living
  2. We delay the summer slide (both academically and physically)
  3. We foster social skills
  4. We grow teamwork
  5. We encourage personal growth
  6. We help kids unplug and build personal friendships
6 Reasons to Send Your Child to a Running Camp
6 Reasons to Send Your Child to a Running Camp

Cinnaminson Track & Field Academy will help your child build and/or maintain a competitive level of success.  Get them out and about, running around and staying active.

3 Physical Benefits of Track Academy

1. Staying Active

The summer is a great time to stay active with structured activities like sprinting and long jump.  At Track Academy, we offer sprinting, distance running, long jump & high jump, discus and shot put.

2. Learning to Embrace Working Hard

Embracing hard work doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years and years of practice before anyone becomes accustomed to working hard and enjoying it.  Track Academy is a great place to start working hard and enjoying the process.

3. Refining Technique

Whether he’s a soccer, football, or track athlete, running camp is a great way to practice skills necessary for competing in any fall sport.  Conditioning, especially sprinting and cardio work is imperative to becoming a good athlete.

6 Reasons to Send Your Child to a Running Camp
6 Reasons to Send Your Child to a Running Camp

3 Track-Related Benefits of Track Academy

1. Fun Introduction to Track & Field

Track and field has so many different events.  There are sprinting events, such as the 10, 200, and 400.  There are distance events that range from 800 meters to 3200 meters.  There are jumping events such as long jump and high jump (plus pole vault, but not at the middle school level).  In the field, there is also shot put and discus (javelin too, but not at the middle school level). Plus there are relay events such as the 4×100, 4×400, and 4×800.  

As you can see, there are so many different events to try and a camp like Cinnaminson Track & Field Academy is the best place to see what you like.


2. Try ALL Track Events

The low-pressure, low-stress situation of a track camp is the best place and time to sample different events.  At this young age, it’s a great idea to try various events anyway. Summer camp is the best place to try this because not only do you get lots of practice at it, but it’s in a very fun environment.

3. Learn from Experienced Coaches

The coaches we have on staff have years of coaching experience.  Marc is a former NCAA runner and HS head coach, Phil has multiple years as a middle school sprint coach and is also a PE teacher, and Mike has been coaching at the middle school level for over 18 years.  

Each coach has a different approach to coaching and collectively, there is something to learn from everyone.  Not only will you learn how to toss a shot put the most appropriate way, but you might also go on a distance run or try hurdles.  Each coach has their specialties, but are also well-rounded and can assist in many different event areas.

This camp is designed for you to be exposed to new ideas on how to train.  You’ll pick up on new tips and strategies to do well in your event or you’ll learn great.

Cinnaminson Track & Field Academy
Cinnaminson Track & Field Academy



Not only will your son or daughter enjoy their time spent at Cinnaminson Track & Field Academy, but they will also learn valuable skills that will translate to the classroom and the track.

They will refine their track and field skills, meet new friends, stay active during a relatively “down” period of the year, and they’ll learn to work hard while having fun.



“I really liked that the kids were exposed to and got to try all the different track and field events. It was good exposure and fun for them.”

“My girls had fun and learned so that is great. I plan to attend next year.”

“My daughter loved that she was able to experiment with different events. It gave her the opportunity to see what she liked and didn’t like.”

“My daughter absolutely loved the camp. She was super bummed that I didn’t sign her up for both weeks. She is looking forward to the upcoming track and field season to show off what she learned. Thank you so much for a job well done!”

“It was a great introduction to all events plus even experienced athletes learned additional skills in their respective events as well. There was also time dedicated to educating the children on being a healthy all-around athlete.”

“This was a great introduction to track and field for my daughter. She really enjoyed the different events and the instruction was delivered in a fun and interactive way.”

For more information and to register for camp, click here.

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