There is no such thing as a “bad race”

Minor races are for skill building and confidence boosters

Think about these three scenarios and determine whether they can be considered a good race or not:

  • You race to the best of your ability, but you don’t PR. 
  • You PR, but don’t run your best effort for that day.
  • You win the race (or place high in your age group), but run a slow time.

Are any of those situations considered a good race?  Yes. Yes. And yes.  

little plus a little equals a lot
little plus a little equals a lot

All three scenarios can lead to a good race, if you let them.  It’s all about how you frame your race’s effort – and if you take something positive out of each race you run, you are creating a new page in your book of skills that you can call upon when you need to.  Remember, there isn’t one specific ingredient to ensure you have a great race.  Each race is unique and offers its own chance to add to your skill set.

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Early season races help build confidence and skills

The first race in your season can be every much a success even though it’s your slowest time of the season.  How you ask?  Maybe it’s because you prepared well, you were well hydrated, or you executed your race plan.  That’s certainly a success!

learn and get better!
learn and get better!

Don’t forget: each race you run – in a season and in your career – builds upon your previous races.  There’s a lot to be said of experience.  And that’s why the “old vets” find a way to run well.  It’s because they’ve done it before and they can draw on that experience to overcome any obstacle that may come up.  In each race you run, take something away from it – whether it’s your pacing strategy or how you hydrated.  Maybe it’s your nutrition or how you timed your finishing kick.  Every run and every race has the chance to be a learning moment. Take advantage of those opportunities.



The Giralda 10k that Sheila just ran has been a work in progress. Each race, she’s used something from the previous race to make each successive race a bit better!

She ran 45:29 chip time for 7:19 pace. I placed 3rd in my age group at a masters championship race. It was a rolling course with a long hill in mile 4. About 20 seconds faster than Paramus a few weeks ago. Baby steps in the right direction. Here are my splits:  7:14/7:25/7:05/7:48/7:11/7:10/1:35  We’re really excited for her last few races as we know each race will get better than the last.


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Minor races help you build confidence and the skills necessary to compete well at a high level.

Quote of the Day:
Go for the goal – l
”I believe in using races as motivators. It’s hard to keep on an exercise program if you don’t have a significant goal in sight.” —Bob Greene, personal trainer of Oprah Winfrey

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