missed week of running and its effects

One week of a few missed runs won’t ruin your racing season.  That’s for sure.  What it will do is help you freshen up.  And there’s nothing wrong with that! 

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Missing  a Week of Running


What should you do when you miss a week of training?

  1. Don’t panic.  There are worse things in the world than missing a few runs.  Get back on the horse next week.
  2. Don’t make up for lost time.  We all think that if we missed 3 runs last week that we should do 3 more runs next week.  Nope!  Not true.  Just pick up where you left off. Especially if the reason why you missed your runs wasn’t because of injury.
  3. Fake it ‘til you make it.  That’s right.  A missed week or a few missed runs is like a mini-taper.  Always think of it in a positive light instead of a negative one.


Regardless of Sheila’s mini-taper (aka missing a few runs last week) she still ran a great 10k race.  Her time was 45:49 for 6.2 miles – which is 7:22 pace!  Even with a “crazy long hill” in the middle, she still ran to an excellent time.  She was 10th female, 1st in her age group and 36th overall!

The great news is that she has run so well in the past few races that this particular race clinched her final Grand Prix slot and she can take one race off of her calendar.  Results from the Paramus 10k can be found here.

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