Survive the Treadmill

Let’s be honest. NOBODY, and I mean nobody likes the treadmill. They might prefer it to 19* weather or to running in the dark, but NOBODY actually likes the treadmill. I’m not sorry the “wheel of torture” gets a bad rap…

What can you do to make your run inside a bit more enjoyable? 

Music – When all else fails, slap the earbuds on and rock out!
Race videos from major meets – 30 minute 10k Olympic Final and a 30 minute treadmill run?  Match made in heaven?  Yes.
Intervals – Run fast, run slow. Rinse and repeat.
A partner-in-crime – Having a friend to hold you accountable can always help pass the minutes.

At the conclusion of your treadmill run, remind yourself of the sunny days of spring are waiting for you and that the treadmill is just a necessary evil that must be done in order to achieve your spring goals.

What do you do to “get through” a treadmill run? Are you one of the 1% who doesn’t mind the treadmill?

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