13 Questions

**Updated story**

13 questions for Coach Marc.

I found these questions from HudsonStrong’s blog and wanted to share my answers too.

Here they are!

Beat them!
Winning the Atlantic City 10k

What is your best run ever?

– I’ve had a few.  Atlantic City 10k where I beat a bunch of fast runners, a 1500 at UPenn in early April 2006 (freezing rain)…

3 words that describe my running…

– Intense, Passionate, Competitive

What is your go-to running outfit?

– Whatever is functional at the time.  Some times it’s split shorts, sometimes it’s longer shorts (when I’m coaching).

What is your one quirky running habit?

– I don’t know if I have any habits any more.  The only habit I try and keep is the passion for the sport.

That coach's stare.
That coach’s stare.

Do you prefer morning, midday, or evening runs?

– I prefer morning runs even though it takes me a while to actually wake up and get loose.  When it’s not scheduled in the day, it gets delayed.  I don’t mind running at 3 pm (practice time) because it’s planned every day.

I won’t run outside when it’s…

– All my runs are outside.  I hate treadmills.  In the summer, I run early in the morning or late at night. In the winter, it’s all about layers! As I’ve gotten older, I am more of a wuss and I push runs off for later in the day, or use my flexible off day to plan around really terrible precipitation.


What is your worst injury – and how did you get over it?

– I’ve had a pinched nerve in my foot, a stress fracture on my tibia, and countless other injuries.  Patience, a dedication to getting stronger, and lots of good beer.

My personal best half marathon or marathon is…

– I’ve run 1:10:19 for a half marathon.  That’s 5:22 pace.  I really fell apart the last 3 miles though and ran them at 6 minute pace.  This is also the same race where I ran with Shalane Flanagan and almost tripped her.  I still haven’t run a marathon, and unless a miracle happens, I probably never will.  I like running fast over short distances and don’t want to run a marathon unless I can 100% commit to running 26.2 miles fast.

Shalane and I. NBD.
Shalane and I. NBD.

My next race is…

– I’m always training for something, even if I am not signed up for a race.  I am a lifelong runner, so there’s no “off season” where I don’t run.  My goal is to stay injury-free and to stay healthy.

What GPS do you use?

– Nike GPS (red and black), Garmin 405.  I also rely a lot on my Nike chrono watch.

How do you stay motivated in the summer?

– That’s the time to put in the miles!  I am a teacher, so I have a very flexible running schedule, but more often than not, I’ve finished my run before 9 am.  I don’t like waiting until the sun goes down because I feel like I am always waiting and hate planning my meals around my run.


What is your favorite post run treat?
– whatever is on the menu.  I don’t usually crave anything specific.IMG_1044
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