Glassboro 10 Miler

Dan lined up at the Glassboro 10 Miler with some friends and close competitors and came away with a very promising and satisfying performance.

Glassboro 10 Miler
Glassboro, NJ 10 Miler

We are very excited about Dan’s progress and his efforts since joining TrainwithMarc and we want to run-brag about his recent performances.

His first race of 2016 was a chilly (9 degree Sunday) where he ran a 23:48 for 5k.  Keep in mind that 1 short year ago he was 25 pounds heavier and couldn’t walk/run for 30 minutes.  He’s now racing 5k’s at 7:40 pace in sub-freezing weather.

Next, Dan ran the Glassboro 10 Miler in much more favorable conditions and posted a very good time of 1:21:52 – or a crazy fast 8:10 pace!  All told, he got in 13 miles on the day!  Who else is doing awesome stuff like that?!

To put this weekend in perspective, just 7 months ago, Dan ran 1:37:26 for a 10 miler!

If you’re looking to take your running to the next level, you really should consider a coach.  A coach can do so much for your running and help you get everything you can out of your running!  It’s totally worth it.


Here are some of Dan’s other recent race performances, in case you needed some MOTIVATION!

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