running in the winter is hard to do

If we always do what we’ve
always done, we will get
what we’ve always got.

This weather has been bad.  It’s causing sane people to make irrational thoughts about themselves.  Because of this, I reached out to a few runners and asked them what they were feeling.  The responses are exactly what I thought they would be.  They ranged from total despair to some type of optimism.

Get your running back on track
Get your running back on track

“Ugh nothing to share from me except exhaustion and nerves that I am not doing enough!!”

“Running has been going well. More inside running than I would like but the weather is looking good this weekend and next week!!! Wooh! Plus daylight savings will give me an hour more of sun after work :). Nothing too eventful though.”

“I was able to get in 8 miles on Sunday and I hope to be able to get 9-10 miles in on Saturday.”

“The cold and snow has made things very difficult and I haven’t been able to run outside. Once we finally get some signs of spring I’m optimistic things will pick up. Less than 2 months to my first 5K of the season and only 3 to my next big event.”

So I did some research and found some great articles about elites and how they prepare for tough times.

And then I remembered this amazing video on from Angela Lee Duckworth about “grit”.  I love it and you should too.



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