How I Enjoy Running in the Snow

Running in the snow isn’t something that I worry about.  I know plenty of runners who won’t dare go outside for a run if there’s a single snowflake on the ground.  Not me.  It’s not something that bothers me.  If it’s important enough for me to get in a run, then a run will get done regardless of the conditions outside.

How to-
How to Enjoy a Snowy Run

Because I rarely fall on runs, the snow and ice don’t scare me into not running.  And since a treadmill is out of the question, it’s just something that I’ve learned to deal with.  Anyway, I have pretty good balance and if I did slip, I can usually catch myself before I go down.

So, running in the snow (and potential ice) doesn’t really phase me all that much.  

Here’s what I do to keep my running schedule in tact while the snow hits the pavement.

Dress Appropriately

There’s not a lot worse than being dressed inappropriately for a run.  I know my body and what it takes for me to stay at that sweet spot – where I’m not too hot and not too cold.  Since I warm up well during a run, I know what to wear.

  • Thin layers are key. If it’s snowing out, I’m wearing a light running jacket with a minimum of 1-2 dri-fit layers on underneath.
  • Tights.  I love my running tights. I prefer them over running pants.  They give me the most protection against the elements and I don’t feel bogged down when they get wet.
  • Socks.  Not overlooked are the socks that cover the ankle bone.  There’s not much worse than a raw ankle bone. When it’s really cold out, I cover those bad boys up.

    Coach Marc in a 5k
    Coach Marc in a 5k


If I’m not safe on a run, who knows what could happen.  I always err on the side of caution when it comes to running in adverse conditions.  I know not everyone drives safely, so I take extra precautions when running in the snow.

  • Running at the warmest part of the day helps.  Most of the snow turns to mush and cars are still off the road.
  • So does allowing the road crew to do what they do best.  The later you wait, the more likely the plows will have come through.
  • Run on roads that have wide shoulders.  Safety first, kids!

Don’t let any amount of snow scare you out of your run.  You can keep your running schedule in tact as long as you follow the guidelines provided above.  Heck, you might even enjoy your run that much more because of the white stuff!

Just remember, keep an eye out for slick spots in the road.  Avoid wearing headphones if possible – while it’s eerily quiet out, you still want to be able to hear oncoming traffic.  Run when it’s the warmest out and let the road crews do their jobs!

TrainwithMarc - Online Running Coach
TrainwithMarc – Online Running Coach

Need more motivation to get out and run in the snow?

  1. Not all workouts need to be runs
  2. If running was easy, everyone would do it
  3. Be on top of your planning and all else will be fine

Does snow ruin your running or is it just another blip on the radar?

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