High-Intensity Interval Group Workout with Trivia

In 2019, I want to share strength workouts that will help you become a stronger and healthier runner.  Some of these workouts you can do on your own and some of them are helpful with a partner or in a group.

I created this one for the Martlon Rec Track program when I was their strength coach during their winter season.  

Building Strength and Endurance through High Intensity Workouts
HIIT Group Workout For Runners

Once a month, I’ll share a new workout that I’ve created that will help you build strength, endurance, and power.  These workouts can be in place of your traditional strength routine or they can be a supplement to what you already do.

This particular workout is one of my favorite workouts I’ve put together.  It’s the first workout I’ve created that involves trivia!

(I got really nerdy with the reps and sets because it was Valentine’s Day)

Here is a quick rundown about the workout and what it entails:

I first put the runners into groups of 3 and had all the runners understand the sequence of the exercises.  After that, I told them about what exercises they’d be doing.

For the trivia portion, you can do trivia that relates to your business, niche, or sport.  I made up questions that related to track and field and running, but you can easily make the questions up.

The Workout

In part 1, they were asked to do each mini-cycle in any order they chose.  If you were to do this workout, I’d suggest going in order:

→ burpees, plank pull through, right plank.

→ sprints, jump squats, left plank.

Group Strength Training Routine
This workout will create a stronger, faster, leaner runner

The teams chose whether they wanted the easy question or the hard question.  If they got the hard question correct, they moved to the easier portion of the workout.  If they got the easy question correct, they moved to a slightly more challenging portion of the workout.

Regardless of the question, if they got it wrong, they were moved to the “Easy Question” track with the more difficult and lengthier workout.

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Round 2

In round 2, the exercises were as following:

Hurdle hops (5 hurdles) or Jumping jacks

Squats to overhead press back lunge twists

Lunge hammers hurdle hops (5 hurdles)

More questions with the same concept: Get the hard question correct, do the “easier” workout.  Get the easy question right, do the “harder” portion. Get neither question right, do the “harder” portion.

Round 3

In round 3, here are the exercises:

Crab Toe Touches or sprints

Flutters Crab Toe Touches

Sprints Leg Lowers

One more round of trivia!

HIIT Group Strength Training Program
HIIT Group Strength Training Program

Round 4

Then in round 4, these were the exercises:

10 per exercise if you were on the harder track; 8 per exercise if on the easy

Mountain Climbers

Russian Twists

Air Squats

Last Round

One quick break, then everyone did the following 5 exercises

16 reach ups

8 pushups

4 high plank, knee to elbow

2 knee tucks

1 sprint

Overall, it was a fun workout to watch, it was creative to make (which I really enjoyed) and something that can be replicated with different exercises to fit the needs of different types of athletes.

So here’s the workout and here’s a quick picture of what the workout is.

Strength workout that has trivia in it
Trivia mixed with a strength workout

PS. The QR code is included in all the workouts I wrote this winter. The QR code allowed me to send the runners to an article on my site dedicated to helping them get better. Each week, a new code sent them to a new article.  By the end of the 2 months, they should get 16 articles about becoming a better runner.

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11 thoughts on “High-Intensity Interval Group Workout with Trivia

  1. deborahbrooks14 April 3, 2019 — 8:47 AM

    All about adding strength training to a runner’s routine!


  2. Looks like a fun way to get stronger!


  3. Yes! That’s the name of the game! Do you have a go-to type of strength program?


  4. Sure is. The kids I worked with love the creativity.


  5. I do a lot of similar moves in my HIIT workouts! They’re fun!


  6. Awesome. Do you create the workouts or are you using someone elses?


  7. Rachelle Damminger Ferrelli April 4, 2019 — 8:16 AM

    I love adding a playful element to workouts. So much of our daily routine and work is serious. It’s great to shake things up!


  8. Workouts like this are my chance to be as creative as possible. It’s the big nerd in me.


  9. I’m a huge fan of strength training and do it a few times a week. Thanks for posting this workout!


  10. This sounds like a fun and challenging workout. I love that you included trivia. What a great idea!


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