The Running Gear I Wear

Here’s a quick rundown of the gear and accessories I swear by to get me through all the running miles I put in.

I’m very, very fortunate to live within 2 miles of an amazing running store – the Haddonfield Running Company – and they have continued to support runners of all abilities with the best gear and accessories in the running market.

The clothes and gear I come back to most often are my Brooks running shoes.  In college, we were sponsored by Nike, but as soon as I graduated, I made the switch to Brooks shoes and apparel.  I LOVE BROOKS SHOES. They fit my needs and I like what they stand for as a company.

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The running gear and accessories that Coach Marc runs in

Other than my Brooks shoes, I have gear and apparel from a variety of companies.

Gear – the clothing and footwear that helps me make the most out of every mile I wear. I don’t wear the same shirt, shorts and socks on every run – but when laundry day comes, these specific clothes are the first to go back into the rotation

Running Shoes

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Like I said earlier, I love Brooks’ shoes.  I’m currently in the Brooks Levitate 2’s and they are fantastic. Every time I slip them on I feel like Superman. I don’t often say this but, I could wear those shoes all day long.

The running gear that I consistently go back to when I'm out running
What I wear when I go running



When I need to be compressed, I go straight to my CEP socks.  They keep my calves snug and in place. I most often use them on a longer run or a workout or to help me recover after a run.    


I just came across Feetures again as I was marathon training. I have always been about lowcut socks, but my ankles were getting chewed up with the cold.  I switched to a higher cut – just above the ankle bone. These socks are AMAZING. So amazing I went out and bought 5 more pairs. Now I have them in black, grey, thin, and thicker.  


To keep my flowing locks in place, I’m usually sporting a backward running hat.  I love my Nike running hats, but I also love the feel of my Good Day for a Run hat that I won for winning a 5k a few years ago.

Accessories – What I use to make my runs more pleasurable. I don’t always wear everything – but when I’m in need of a boost, I definitely have my favorites that I go to.

All the gear and accessories I swear by when I’m out on the run


I love sunglasses.  If I had to only pick one thing to always have on me (almost more so than my phone) it would be sunglasses.  I’ve gone through a few pairs of Oakleys and a pair of Smiths, but now I’m hooked on Tifosi. They are polarized, lightweight, don’t slip off my nose and are really freakin’ affordable.  I love that they aren’t shaped like traditional running sunglasses and I’m not afraid to beat them up a bit either.


I dug up my old iPod shuffle, you know, the one from 15 years ago and I have a single playlist with about 18 songs on it.  What I really like to listen to on runs (and in general) are podcasts. Here are my favorite podcast shows to listen to:

  • The GaryVee Audio Experience
  • Freakonomics Radio
  • Side Hustle School
  • Hidden Brain
  • Ted Radio Hour


I’m torn on always having a GPS watch for some runners because they become slaves to the device.  That’s not me at all. I run for the simple pleasure of just running. I don’t look at splits and obsess over them.  I wrote about this idea here.

Marc's running gear and accessories I swear by
My must have running gear to keep me motivated and happy

But now that my step counter and my running watch are combined, my watch never leaves my wrist.  I’m currently in the Garmin 235 and it has absolutely everything I need in a watch.

My favorite thing about the watch is that I’m able to add widgets and watch faces to personalize my watch.

There you go! That’s what I wear when I’m heading out the door for a run.

What’s your go-to gear?  What can’t you live without when you run?

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Gear I Love

Garmin is my go-to brand of running watches

My Favorite RUNNING gear from Amazon ⬇️
Feetures socks:
Tifosi Sunglasses:
Garmin 235:
Garmin heart rate monitor:

Coach Marc does strides after easy runs to prime his legs

Current Running Shoes ⬇️
Brooks Levitate:
Brooks Revel:
Nike Pegasus:

Marc uses a massage gun to loosen up his legs

Running Recovery Gear I use daily from Amazon ⬇️
Sonic X Percussion Massage Gun:
Foam Roller:
CEP Compression socks:

Marc running a popup 5k in Haddonfield

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10 thoughts on “The Running Gear I Wear

  1. I’m still trying to get into podcasts for running but right now I still listen to music.
    My absolute must have for my outdoor runs (any season) – headsweats hat, sunglasses and pro compression socks.


  2. deborahbrooks14 April 10, 2019 — 9:04 AM

    I have tried podcasts but can’t seem to get into them. I find them boring or too technical. thanks for the linkup


  3. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets April 10, 2019 — 9:58 AM

    Feetures are definitely my favorite running socks – I need to buy more pairs! I wear glasses so I tend not to wear sunglasses, but I’ve been thinking I need to reconsider. I’m currently wearing the Brooks Ghost and I really like them after being in Mizuno Wave Riders for so long!


  4. I caught a Feetures deal – buy 3 get one free, so that was huge. And I’m in glasses ALL day. What made you make the switch? Anything in particular?


  5. Are you into storytelling? You’ll LOVE Sh*t Town and Serial.


  6. I can’t get into running podcasts – they’re dry (maybe it’s the content or maybe it’s the format), but I just started a new one – The Teacher’s Pet – it has me hooked even though the actual content is a little graphic.


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