Getting Started: Planks and Budgeting

Getting Started: Planks & Budgeting

The countdown to the New Year is on!

In 2019, Carly and Marc are going to work together to join our passions and mesh them together: Fitness, exercise and finance.

Start a 30-day challenge with TrainwithMarc working on being frugal and fit.
Start a 30-day challenge with TrainwithMarc working on being frugal and fit.

Wait, what? Finance? How does finance fit into a running blog?  By no means are we experts in the matter, but we wanted to create resources where we can share tips, insights, and struggles about what works and what doesn’t.  If you’re anything like us, we not only aim for peak physical fitness, but financial fitness too! Knowledge is power and there is power in numbers so let’s start using this community to get stronger both physically and financially.

TrainwithMarc discusses fitness & finances
Combining Fitness & Finances
Ready for the challenge? You can find Week 1 here:

New Year, New You

January is a time for renewal and goal setting.  Marc and I LOVE goal setting! At the beginning of each year, we set goals for the upcoming year and we revise our 10, 5 & 1-year goals.  

If you are interested in creating your own goals, you’ll want to find a blank Goals Planner Sheet here.

January Fitness & Financial Challenge
January Fitness & Financial Challenge

One thing we have learned about goal setting is to not to go too big or too broad in every category.  The last thing we want is for you to get discouraged and possibly disappointed and then give up.

With that in mind, we want to create a challenge that we could all do that would add to our overall fitness.

Hurdles in Life
Hurdles can’t stop you!

Next week – starting Monday, December 31st – join us for some plank, push-up, and budgeting challenges throughout the month of January.  Each week the challenges will change to keep you on your toes – or knees if that’s where you are at. Whether you are a fitness guru, finance-whiz, or just starting out on either journey, these challenges will be helpful for all and we hope to create some community buzz that inspires us throughout the year.  You can follow us on the Blog or Ask the Running Coach FB Page, or Instagram, to find out each week’s new challenge and status updates from the group.  

Missed a week of the Fit & Frugal Challenge?

Here are all 4 weeks + the intro!

Hi, I’m Carly.

I’m a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor based in Cherry Hill, NJ! I teach spin, barre, and megaformer classes throughout the week. Check out my schedule and where I teach.

Carly joins TrainwithMarc as a personal trainer & group fitness coach
Carly joins TrainwithMarc as a personal trainer & group fitness coach

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