4 reasons to race shorter distances

There’s something about racing a shorter race distance that is appealing that many runners are over looking.  Let’s talk about why racing 5ks (and shorter distances) can (and should be) cool again!


There are so many reasons to race shorter race distances – I’m talking about anything shorter than a 10k – like an 8k, 5k, or even a mile!  Here are a few great perks about these race distances that you might not have thought about.

  1. Price.  Shorter race distances usually equate to smaller entry fees.  They are typically so much cheaper than your “big-city” race that you can race two or three times as often and still not pay as much as one big race.
  2. Race all you want.  When you gear up for a long race, it’s not ideal to race often (like 3-4 times a month), but with shorter race distances, you can recover and be ready to get back out there within a day or two.  What this means is, more opportunities to run fast, to collect medals, and to fine-tune your race day pace. photo (26)
  3. Socialize.  Why do you think races and GPS watches allow you to sync with your social media?  Because everyone loves to #runbrag!  If you race more often, you get to brag more often.  On top of that, you can link up with local runners and all do the same races.
  4. Practice your pace.  The only way to get good at running mile or 5k pace is by (you guessed it) running at mile or 5k pace.  So why not jump in a race and perfect that pacing?!  Small race fees allow you to sharpen up and dial in to that pace you’re looking to hit.

There’s nothing wrong with racing shorter races – in fact, most elite runners take a break from the half marathon/marathon training cycle and do a season on the track.  They do it for a reason – to get out of the marathon shuffle and to work on their speed.  Racing often – in shorter race distances – allows you those same benefits!

Want to see more stories about athletes racing shorter events?  Sure you do: 7 Must do 5k races & 10 reasons the 5k is freakin’ awesome



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