3 ways to make a 5k easier

We never, ever, ever want a 5k to be harder than it has to be – they’re hard enough to figure out as it is.  There’s always something we can work on during a 5k – whether it’s pacing, competing with the people around us, or timing our kick.  Heck, even the pros come away from a race wishing they had done this or that better.  Well… Now it’s your turn to figure out what you can do better.  Since Coach Marc just ran a 5k (results here), he’s got tips for you…





Here are 3 tips I can provide to you to help your next 5k feel easier  (while you can’t make a 5k feel “easier”, we can do things to not make it harder):

Marc at Broad Street Run
Marc at Broad Street Run
  1. Practice 5k pace.  Running at the pace you want to race is essential to being able to hold that pace.  Workouts like 6-8 x 800 @ 5k pace with equal or less rest will teach your body how to handle the lactic acid being produced.  If you can crush this workout, you’re ready for a 5k.
  2. Start the race under control.  The first 2-4 minutes of a race will most likely decide what kind of race you’re going to have.  Run too fast and you’ll find yourself redlining and not able to recover.  Too slow and you’re likely playing catch up the rest of the race.  Dial in to your 5k pace and compete with the people around you.
  3. Know your current fitness level.  Run workouts that help you predict your current race fitness.  Use a VDOT chart to guide your race plan and race pace.  Break that pace down by mile and by 400 meters.  Stick close to those times and you’re likely to run right around where your current fitness suggests you can be.


What would you suggest we add to this list?  

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