Online Coaching – Your Best Way to a PR

If, like many runners out there, you’ve ever wondered when to do a fartlek workout or how to properly peak for your goal race, then let Coach Marc help you with your coaching.  Marc has been coaching online since 2010 and works with first time runners, veteran marathoners as well as college athletes looking to race competitively in National competitions.  Marc focuses his attention on the details of the day to day training process, including scheduling, strength training and implementing workouts.  Marc knows that distance runners can’t and won’t get better magically – it takes months (and years) of hard work to get the results you’re seeking.

learn and get better!

As an online coach, Marc has the creative ability to “be there” for all of his runners.  Whether it’s answering training questions, plotting calendars, or creating running workouts, Marc is there to help.  For more information about Marc or his online training group, visit
The good races are coming up in the next few months; don’t be left on the outside wishing you had a knowledgeable coach!  Reach out to Marc today.

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