Stop the Jade 5k

Back pain is no match for Tim as he lined up for the snow-delayed Stop the Jade 5k in Vincentown, NJ.  And even though he’s missed a bit of training due to this back injury, Tim still got in a great effort and came away with a big margin of victory – 2:24 – to be exact. IMG_p8375a

That kind of effort – running by yourself out in front – takes discipline and a considerable amount of effort.  Tim ran to perfection.  Here’s his recap on the race:

Tried out my 5k today to see how my running stood given the brutal winter we had.  I kept a couple things in mind while I was running today
1. I haven’t raced since Dec 6th, so the first race you have to adjust back to race conditions.
2.  I’ve been nursing a bad back, feels 100% better now so for that I’m thankful, I made  sure to go out conservative
3.  The month of February has been brutal with the snow and have only been able to do close to half of the recommended workouts, the mileage is there, but as far as speed work, I have none. 
4.  It was pouring rain :/
No one really showed up today so I had to pace myself.  My first mile was 5:22 but slowed down for a second mile going through 2 miles in 11: 20.  But the third mile I was able to turn it around and salvage somewhat of an ok time : 17:21
Wasn’t too tired after the race as I had tons of left at the end.  I’ll adjust slightly next week and hopefully can get some good work in the rest of this month.  My back exercises are really helping out and will do them everyday at this point.
During a race, do you find it hard to pace yourself?

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