Using Yoga to Better My Running

I spent the previous week upside down and inside out with a wintery plague that lasted an entire week.  In the meantime, I’ve been getting in some good running, a few decent indicator workouts and yoga.  To me, yoga clears my mind, focuses my attention on my weak areas and allows me to stretch and strengthen my entire body.  It’s great to live in an area that has such a great running and yoga environment to it!  If you are looking for that same feeling that I get from yoga, you should consider joining us for my running and yoga clinic on Sunday’s in March.



Now that I feel better I’ve decided to pace/run a 1 mile race at Monmouth University on Thursday.  It’s an important “test” of fitness for me – as I haven’t raced a mile in years, but have been logging decent mileage in the last 6 weeks.  I’ll be pacing 2 of my HS athletes, while 3 others will be racing “on their own” and I have Rob racing there as well.  So all in all I’ll have 6 runners competing.

*It’s too late to sign up for the Monmouth meet, but you can find info on it here:’NightFlyer%20(2).pdf

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