6 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Running in Only 10 Minutes Each

If you’ve ever said “I wish I had more time”, this article is for you.  Saving time, or more appropriately, spending your time more wisely is something all adulting humans are trying to maximize.

How you can improve your running with only 10 minutes of work
6 ways you can quickly and easily improve your running

For starters, there are so many “time suck” activities that we do on a daily that take away from our productivity.  Just last month, for example, I took all social media off of my phone and what do you know? I had so much more time for things that I actually wanted to do. 

Another big time-waster?  The snooze button. Carly is usually the type of person who likes working out in the afternoon.  But since our family is growing once again, the time we spend for ourselves and our fitness goals is a precious commodity.  

These 6 simple activities could save you so much time, plus leave you feeling ready to tackle anything (including your running).

We are a big fan of small changes that leave a big impact and one way we can really do this is by eliminating the snoozing.  A simple 10 minutes of additional “awake” time has helped each of us keep up with some of our health-related goals.

So – what can you really do with an additional 10 minutes?  Carly’s going to tell you exactly what all runners can do to benefit from an additional 10 minutes a day.

Improve your running with these 10 minute tips and ideas
The 10 minute tips that will drastically improve your running


Take the time to use a recovery tool and prepare your muscles for a day of exercise, work, and life.  We use a simple foam roller and we recently began using an electronic massager. Even if you are not going for a run that day, taking care of your body and working on your mobility on a daily basis helps with recovery and day to day stresses on the body in general.

Yoga Flow

Do you love the benefits of yoga but don’t have the time for a  60 – 90 minute class? Heck, that’s why we love running, right? Got 20 minutes?  Great! No commute to a studio. Strap on those sneaks and get after it!

Unfortunately, that kind of thinking can get runners in trouble because we should be aiming to be a well rounded athlete in order to stay healthy and fast.  

Find a flow that works for you.  Visit a local studio and do 10 minutes of your own flow off of what you learned.  Find a free YouTube video with a 10 minute flow. Search around a find one that works for you!


Recently, we’ve taken up meditation as a way to unwind and reframe our day.  Our goal is to meditate daily and we prefer to pair it with either a run or a yoga flow first.

Running + stretching on the quiet beach

Many people “in the know” recommend meditation first thing in the morning, but for us, it works as a way to cap off the night.  

We use the Headspace app and it helps motivate us to keep on track or reel us back in.  The good news? There are plenty more meditation apps that are free.  

Muscle Activation

If you’re already a morning runner, kudos to you! What you might not be doing, however, is properly warming up prior to your run.  Try this quick and efficient activation routine for stronger, more flexible muscles and tendons.

6 easy-to-accomplish ideas to improve your running that only take 10 minutes
6 of the most simple ideas you can use to improve your running

Running Drills

Regardless of when you’re running, running drills are essential to having/maintaining good running form.  Before your run, spend 10 minutes practicing good running form with a series of drills. These drills will awaken sleepy muscles, loosen up tight areas, and act as a reminder (muscle memory) for good running form.

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Food Preparation

Prepare a crockpot meal.  Nothing beats coming home after a long day of work or chasing the kids around all day to having dinner already ready.

We’ve written a few articles on food prep and meal ideas:

Or you can check out Marc’s Pinterest board specifically titled Food for Runners

The 6 simple strategies to improve your running - and they each only take 10 minutes
The 6 simple strategies to improve your running – and they each only take 10 minutes


Ten minutes doesn’t sound like a lot.  But when it comes time to taking care of your physical or mental health, it can add up to big benefits. Each of these six tips can be used in conjunction with your normal running routine. A few minutes in the morning or when you’re feeling stressed can make a drastic difference in your running – and that’s our big goal: helping you run fast and feel good doing so.

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5 thoughts on “6 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Running in Only 10 Minutes Each

  1. These are really great tips. I have tried meditation a few times but never really stuck with it. One of my goals before the year ends is to try to do it more regularly, at least 5 minutes a day.


  2. I always feel so much better all around when I keep yoga in my life!


  3. You’re so right: Those short, 10 minute changes can add up to make a huge difference.


  4. I need to get back to some hot yoga – always felt really good after a session.


  5. There are some good free apps if you’re just starting out. Good luck!


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