Train Whenever, Wherever

Erin is training for a marathon and at the same time, traveling all over the country doing field work for her research in grad school.  Here’s what she wrote:

“So far, it is going really well – I feel super strong and I have been getting in my runs for the most part. I took this week a little easier because of some foot pain, but I am still planning to run the 10 miles tomorrow as I felt pain-free and strong on a little shake out run this morning. Starting Monday, I will be beginning the Indiana University field course. As an instructor, I have a little more leniency, so I am hoping that every Sunday I can still drive into Bozeman to do my long runs and have a proper recovery day in town. The course runs for 6 weeks and I will be hiking between about 8am and 4pm every day in the Tobacco Root Mountains in MT. I am hoping that one or some of the students will be runners so that I can run with someone either in the mornings or afternoons. I prefer to run in the morning, but I doubt students will be getting up and I am slightly worried about running on my own in the early morning hours due to black bear and mountain lions in the area. We are back in the mountains at a field station, so I won’t be camping at all – but every run I do will be on soft trails or dirt roads. As a result, I’m hoping that I can hit Bozeman up on the weekends or some other town to get some pavement on my long runs as the Santa Rosa marathon is all on asphalt.

Happy Erin on the trails!
This is the first time I have had internet on my computer in awhile, so I have been updating my training log using my phone.  I thought it would be easier to just let you know that I have been feeling really good and strong! I also wanted to let you know what my schedule was like for the next 6 weeks (very hiking intensive in the hot sun).  Otherwise, it has been going great!
Way to go Erin.  Keep up the great work!  We are so excited to see how you do while you’re away.
To find out what you’re capable of, contact coach Marc for your training plan.

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