How to Run a Marathon the Right Way

There really are lots of ways to run a marathon well.  Start with the long runs, the tempo and threshold runs.  Have nutrition on hand during the race and hope you get good weather on race day.  Or you can do it how Rob is doing it…

Day in and day out, Rob is putting himself in the best possible situation to run 26.2 miles really well.  Let’s check out some numbers:

  • July: 31 days, 31 runs. 198 miles (6.4 miles per day).
  • August: 31 days, 31 runs. 294 miles (9.5 miles per day).
  • September: 30 days, 29 runs. 287 miles (9.5 miles per day).
  • Longest runs: 3 runs @ 20 miles or more (20, 21, 26).


HMPRob and wife Meghan in their tune up half marathon

When Rob has a goal, not a whole lot gets in his way of achieving that goal.  The biggest thing I do as a coach for Rob is make sure he doesn’t do too much.  That’s such a good problem to have!  We’ve been preaching to Rob to run smart, run by effort, and have fun.  I think Rob’s doing an amazing job of doing each of those and with the amount of work he’s put in, Rob is sure to see a lot of success.


In his tune up half marathon, I asked Rob to make the race a dress rehearsal for the Marathon.  He executed to perfection and ran exactly how he would if he was racing 26.2 miles.  Here’s how his week went: “Did my hard workout Wednesday, easy double Thursday and SUPER EASY runs Friday & Saturday. Even cut my mileage back like a “taper” from 70 something to 50 something to “freshen up” my legs a bit.”
We were able to run splits of 7:16, 7:10, 7:08, 7:13, 7:10, 7:10, 7:14, 7:14, 7:02, 7:00, 7:02, 6:44, 6:55 – hitting 13 miles in 1:32:17, which is 7:05 pace. 7:05 pace is 3:05:43, a 10-minute “cushion” for Boston. Here is the marathon website where you can find everything you’ll need if you’re running the race.

Great!  With his goal of getting a BQ, this was the perfect way to test himself and see what that pace feels like in a race situation.  Here’s a great map of the course and below you can find the elevation chart.

Have you ever been so prepared for a race you felt almost invincible?

Want more stories about Rob and marathons?  Recap of the 2015 Boston Marathon, Negative splitting a marathon, Boston Marathon tapering tips.


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