nervous energy during race week

This weekend was race day for a few of us – including Coach Marc, Carly, and Michelle.  We lined up in Haddonfield, NJ for the Haddonfield Running Company‘s Adrenaline 5k.  Not only is it a great course, but it’s a great day of fun and catching up with friends.

Racing fast, though, requires proper preparation and dedication.  Are you doing everything you can to be ready to race?

Have you… 

4 "R's" to racing under pressure

4 “R’s” to racing under pressure

Done your long runs?  Worked out – including threshold, interval, and speed workouts?

Gotten a good night sleep the few nights before the race?  Been eating a well-balanced diet?

Warmed up (roughly 35-1 hr) before the race?  Gotten in striders?

If so, then you are on your way to running a good race!  Good luck!

Contact Coach Marc for details on becoming a better runner.

Are you racing this weekend?  Where at and what distance?


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