High Intensity Partner Workout

What do you get when you have two motivated runners on a warm, sunny day who need to get a workout in? A partner workout!

Outdoor Workout for Runners
High Intensity Strength Workout for Runners

The workout includes running and strength training and can be done inside or outside; solo or with a partner.

Box Jumps are great strength work for runners
Strength training with a partner

Purpose of Workout

This workout is designed for runners who have space to run and also some basic equipment to use. It was necessary for one of us to always be at “home base” watching the baby, so that’s where the split workout came from.

Outdoor Workouts with a Partner
Box Jumps are a part of Marc’s strength repetoire

This workout can be done without the same equipment we used.  You can easily find an alternative to a box jump to complete this workout.

PS. We built this box jump using Mr. Money Moustache’s guide.

Workout Details

Partner High Intensity Running Workout
Partner High Intensity Running Workout

Active warm-up drills

1-mile easy jog warm-up

We did 3 sets of this:

Partner # 1 does 10 push-ups, then a 600-meter run

While Partner # 2 does 10 box jumps, 5 med ball squat throws, 20 jump ropes, and 10 dips

We finished with a 1-mile cool down

Notes about this workout:

Running Partner HIIT Workout
High intensity workout with a partner
  1. Our active drills are specific to our needs (Marc needs to activate his glutes, while Carly needs to prepare her back and hamstrings).
  2. The warm-up and cool down are essential to doing a good workout.
  3. The intensity of the running portion is up to the individual – need an easy run portion – go for it! Need some speed work? It’s there for you!
  4. However long it takes for partner 1 to do the pushups and run is how long you should be doing the circuit.
  5. If you don’t have a partner, do the first part of the workout and see how long it takes you to do 10 pushups and run 600 meters. Then, use that amount of time for the strength portion.

    Contacting Marc
    Contacting Marc

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Running Partner HIIT Workout
Running + Strength work for Coach Marc


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