Life Hack: Becoming a Runner

There are some really great reasons to be a runner these days.  Check out social media and you’ll find out about every race (and there are many of them) that your runner friends have completed.

But before there was social media, people were still going out for long runs and running races around the globe – just without everyone else knowing about it!

Not sharing on social media is OK!
Not sharing on social media is OK!

Yes.  If you don’t take a photo, use a GPS, or post on social media, it still counts as mileage.  I promise.

4 Awesome Ways to Start Becoming a Runner

Life Hack- Becoming a Runner
Life Hack- Becoming a Runner
  1. Hang out at running stores.  It does help to buy things there (like shoes and whatnot), but to just become a runner, hang out at a specialty running store.  In no time you’ll be picking up what runners are putting down.
  2. Run with a group. (There’s a new running group on Facebook – the Run856 group – that is quite literally “taking off”. Check them out!)  Quite possibly the best reason to go for a long run is to get a week’s worth of gossip and news off your chest. Plus, running with a group will keep you accountable and force you to at least get out the door for that run.
  3. Start slow.  Too many runners quit before they give running a true chance.  Running is a tough sport and if you rush to get better too quickly, you’ll risk injury or burnout.  Remember, running is a marathon, not a sprint.
  4. Get involved in the sport.  Volunteer at a road race, listen to a podcast (just an FYI, be on the look out for another one coming soon!), or watch a track meet on TV.  There’s lots of ways to learn about the sport without actually running.

At the end of the day, us runners just want the best for you.  That’s why we’re willing to share our amazing sport with whoever wants to be a part of it.  You don’t hear this too often, but the more the merrier!

No decisions necessary. Just run.
No decisions necessary. Just run.

So come on out for a run.  Bring a friend.  Find out how great running can really be!

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