how to run in the dark

I posted earlier last week about switching from being a night time runner to a being a morning runner.
I thought about it a bit and made a short list of the tips and tricks that I would use to make the switch.  You know, from running after work, to getting out of bed in the morning and braving the cold. Here’s my list…
  1. Music – put on tunes and just motor away. 
  2. Get a buddy – misery loves company, especially when it’s quiet and dark out.
  3. Go to bed early – earlier you get you zzz’s the easier it is to wake up.
  4. Use somebody – personal accountability goes a long way into getting you out the door.
  5. Clothing – when your clothes are already out for you in the morning, you’ll have less excuses to put them on.
  6. Plan ahead – when you have a plan, you’re likely to stick to it.
I hope some of these little tricks help you get out the door when you’d rather be catching another few minutes of sleep. After work, when you don’t have to run or workout, you’ll be happy you got it out of the way!
Happy running and be sure to be visible during the darker hours.

4 thoughts on “how to run in the dark

  1. Rachelle says:

    I am such a big fan of early morning running… but mostly because I struggle to find the energy to run in the evenings. I also like running on a more empty stomach. Good tips – thanks! The buddy system really helps!


  2. Marc Pelerin says:

    I don’t suggest running in the dark with music – I don’t like the idea that you don’t have eyes AND ears (darkness and music), but if it helps get you out the door…


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