4 ways I got myself back into running

We hear it all the time… “You ran how far?” “Why do you wake up at 5 am to pay to run?”

Yes.  We in fact ran 10 miles. On a Sunday morning. And we smiled the WHOLE (well, most of) the way.

During the school year, I felt I was pulling myself in too many directions to focus on my own running.  And I hated it.  I ran Broad Street, took a month off, and ever since then, I’ve been determined to get back in shape.  This is how I’ve done it and how you can too.

1. Track your training.  Knowing how far, how fast, what loop, the shoes you wear (and their mileage) and how often you run is key to sustaining your training routine.

Marc's Training Log
Marc’s Training Log

What you can do: Get a marble notebook, find an online app/website, or create an excel document.  Use it daily (even when you don’t run), to see trends and track your progress.

What Marc does: TrainwithMarc has a training log (get your copy here) that tracks weekly & monthly mileage, shoe mileage; distance & pace, as well as a place for you to put your race notes.  I write in my log daily and I can see the improvements, and more importantly, know when it’s time for new shoes.

2. Have a plan.  No plan, no direction.  Know what you are aiming for and create a plan of attack to get yourself there.

Weekly calendar of training

What you can do: Find a race 2-4 months in advance and plan how you will race your best at that race.  Don’t know how? Use a coach to help you create that plan for you.

What Marc does: Have an immediate need to get in shape (RunningWorks Camp) and use that as a spring board for Fall races.  Summer running sets us up for fast times in the fall.

3.  Run with friends. Running buddies keep it fun, loose and keep you honest.

What you can do: Join a local running group, go to a running store’s group run, or find runners online in your area.

What Marc does: I do most runs solo because I’m fit, but not ready to run really fast.  When it fits in our schedule (usually Sunday LR’s), I run with faster friends.  It doesn’t always work that I get to run with people, but when I do, I love it.

4. Find inspiration.  There is no shortage of inspiration on the web.  You just have to know where to look.

What you can do: Find bloggers and people who post great articles, links and pix and use them to help get you out the door.

What Marc does: I draw my inspiration from helping others.  I am self-motivated, but when I see someone do something awesome, it gets my juju flowing and I’m out the door.

There are so many ways to reach your goals, you just have to find the way that works for you.  It may not be conventional, but if it works for you, stick to your guns and go for it!

Need more info about this post?  Contact Marc on twitter: @marcpelerin.  To find out about coaching, here’s the link for that.

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