Working on Your Fitness

People want to know if my training plans are all the same.  Do I use the same runs and workouts for you and I do for someone else.  The short answer is no.  Every training plan is different because every runner is different.

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I look at a few factors, including: training history, commitment level, injury proneness, and the level of their goals. The more favorable all of these factors are, the more work we can do and the more fun I have being creative. I like a challenge as much as another person, but when someone can run a lot, has lots of time to commit, doesn’t get injured often and wants to be really good – that’s when coaching is really fun.

I created a general plan – for example, Sunday long runs, Tuesday and Friday workouts. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday are easy days. The first weeks are about building mileage, and then you start adding in workouts. That’s the general plan that I use, then it varies for each individual. No two people I coach have the exact same plan. With that being said though, some people do the same workout or have a similar looking week, but overall everyone has a similar general “plan”, but not the same workouts within the plan.

Think of it this way: everyone who makes chicken noodle soup, uses most of the same ingredients, but it’s up to the chef (coach) to add in his special ingredients that make up the soup what it is at the end. They might add more chicken (threshold workouts) or broth (basic runs) or vegetables (mileage)…


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