Do I Need a Running Coach?

What’s the deal with online running coaching?

Are they worth the money?

Is a running coach worth the money? Yes. Absolutely, 100%!You’re signing up for a race and paying big bucks (Boston & NYC marathons will run you upwards of $300), so don’t you think you should get the best possible

You’re most likely signing up for multiple races in a calendar year and potentially shelling out big bucks to do so (Boston & NYC marathons will run you upwards of $300).  The investment into running any kind of race, whether Boston or your very first 5k, should include having a running coach in your “corner” to guide you through a training plan.

Finding the Right Running Coach
Finding the Right Running Coach For You

I’m not that fast (yet), do I need a coach?

Regardless of your current running pace, a running coach can help you prepare for every aspect of your race.  Whether it’s nutrition, warm ups, long runs, or workouts, a coach can set you up for success!

Reasons to Hire a Running Coach
Reasons to Hire a Running Coach

Working with a running coach will eliminate the guesswork on your end and allow you to focus on the training.  When you’re prepared for a race, the sky is the limit!

What will my training plan look like?

A good coach will look at various factors before creating a training plan for you.  Some aspects of your running history to think about including your commitment level, how prone to injury you are, your goals, and your training background.  Based on these factors, TrainwithMarc creates a plan to help you achieve your running goals.

Planning a Racing Season
Planning a Racing Season

Runners often ask me if their training plan will be the same as another runner’s.  Of course not! Every training plan is different because every runner is different.  No two people I coach have the exact same plan.

Not sure if a coach is a right fit for you? Ask them!  If they can’t tell you what your plan would look like, they may not be the right coach for you.

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